Top 5 Most Popular Gift Cards Platforms To Purchase on Christmas

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If you love to buy e-gift cards online instantly for special events like birthdays or Christmas time, then your job is to select the most appropriate one so that your friend or family members can use the gift card to purchase products they like.

Alternatively, you can participate in online surveys on popular sites like Swagbucks and LifePoints, which allow you to earn points for exchanging a free e-gift card.

In this post, we will list several popular gift card websites so you may consider purchasing for friends, colleagues, or family members in upcoming special events like Christmas.

1. Amazon Gift Cards

When it comes to buying an e-gift card, we must not ignore Amazon gift cards due to the fact that the giant e-commerce platform has thousand of products, which make it so much more convenient for you and your friend to spend for their favorite products such as Audible and kindle gift cards.

In addition, you could purchase a gift card for your colleagues for their birthday, which they can use to spend on a special treat or even use for buying a meal such as Domino’s Pizza or Subway.

2. Gift Card Mall

When you hear the name Gift Card Mall, it tells you all about this great platform because there are a lot of different types of gift cards, such as Visa, e-gift, business, etc. And, Your job is to shop for the most favorite one that you believe your loved one would prefer to spend for their most favorite brand.

For example, from the categories section, you have more choices to select the right one for any special occasion, which ranges from automotive, grocery, restaurant, and pharmacy gift cards.

The platform also allows members to buy a card for global brands, such as you can buy an Apple, Starbucks, or eBay gift card.

By checking on the platform, I am impressed with the design layout where members can easy to get familiar with different types of gift cards and categories.

In particular, you can shop for physical cards for any occasion on the platform, your job is to navigate to ” Shop by occasion” and you will see all sources of special events to narrow down your shopping like easter, father’s days, baby shower, Christmas, and housewarming party, to name a few.

3. Gift Cards

The next one on the list is Gift Cards, it is one of the most popular and largest online platform, which allow members to purchase thousands of cards from the most popular retailers like Best Buy or Amazon for their friends and family members.

One of the interesting factors of using this website is that you have the option to customize or predesign the card, which makes your gift even more meaningful to your loved ones.

The platform is a subsidiary of Blackhawk Network Holdings, where the firm completed the purchase at around $120 million in 2016.

4. My Gift Cards Plus by Swagbucks

Do you know that My Gift Card Plus offers thousands of digital cards? members can earn a cash-back reward every time they complete the purchase of the e-gift card through the platform.

The platform is super easy to use and you won’t have a hard time finding the ecards for some popular brands like Nike, Uber, Airbnb, GameStop, and Sony PlayStation, to name a few.

For example, if you purchase an Airbnb e-gift, then you would receive 3% cashback, which equals 75 SB points.

This website saves members money every time they purchase an e-gift card because they can earn cashback for shopping.

Keep in mind that once you successfully purchased the digital card, your earning SB points will be directly added to your Swagbucks personal account.

Also, My Gift Card Plus has partnered with more than 140 retailers and brands, which makes it much more convenient for users to shop at their favorite brands.

Another point that is worth mentioning you can also participate in online paid surveys or other activities on the Swagbuck platform in your spare time so that the platform allows members to redeem SB points for cash rewards or a free gift card.

5. Gift Card Store

Another platform that allows members to purchase a gift card is, it is one of the most popular gift card providers in Australia, which offers both physical and digital cards for any special occasion such as Christmas, birthdays, or New Year.

Members also have the opportunity to design the e-card, which can even make it more meaningful to gift to your friends or colleagues.

In addition, the website offers a visa and prepaid Mastercard, which you could consider purchasing for your loved one so that they can use it to spend anywhere.


We discussed several popular gift card providers that offer a cross-range of gift cards including digital and plastic cards. Members can consider purchasing any type of card for birthdays, baby showers, and the new year.

If your friends or family members love to read books on Amazon, then you may purchase an audible or kindle gift card.

In addition, with My Gift Card Plus, the platform offers cash-back rewards every time you successfully purchased gift cards on the platform.

Keep in mind that you can get the SB points, which will directly credit to your Swagbucks account. Whenever you have enough points to redeem, then you can redeem e-gift cards through the platform.

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