How To Make Money Blogging Without Google Adsense

Key Points

  • AdSense is one of the top advertising platform providers for many website owners and bloggers to monetize their sites.
  • Not all bloggers are lucky enough to get approval for the network.
  • There are several ways that show how to monetize a blog without Adsense Ads.

1. Several reasons bloggers may look for other Adsense alternatives

  • The first and most common reason is the Google Adsense account got banned due to a violation of the Adsense content guidelines and policies, the Adsense team has made it quite clear and straightforward that users must adhere to the program policies in order to avoid being banned ( you should read the program guidelines for more details).
  • Secondly, there is a bombardment of low-quality content and posts, which users aim to increase earnings with Adsense ads. However, Google Adsense may punish sites with low-quality content by blocking ads and even banning them from displaying ads.
  • Adsense still hasn’t approved or failed your site for serving ads due to the fact that your blog does not have genuine and unique content to be ready to make money online. For this reason, you should check the requirements for Adsense to increase the chance of acceptance to the platform.
  • Your Adsense earnings power is not as much as expected because the traffic is mainly generated from low ads earning countries.
  • Aggressively displaying ads on websites will not only impact user-friendly but also affect the site search ranking results. Hence, customers wait longer to reach the content.
  • Last but not least, bloggers may not run the experiment by trying different ad placements on their sites to increase earnings with Adsense.

2. Can you include affiliate marketing links and Adsense ads?

3. Other ad networks

  • Ezoic– is one of the best ad networks to provide the content monetization solution for websites and blogs besides Google AdSense. According to Ezoic, most website owners report their earnings increase between 50%- and 250%. It is an official partner of Google Adsense, which indicates its reputation in the ad network market.
  • PropellerAds and Adsterra are the two ad networks with fast approval timelines, which are best for beginners who are just started to pursue a career as a blogger. It normally takes a day or up to 4 days to get approved by the ad platforms. Hence, it is an ideal solution for earning extra cash to cover the other expenses of your business.




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