8+ Proven Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online For Beginners

Key Takeaways

  • The 8+ best ways to find freelance writing jobs online for beginners: guides to find freelance job opportunities.
  • As a professional freelance writer, you should consider having a business card to promote your personal brand and reputation.
  • Continue to expand the professional network with others within the online writing jobs niche.
  • Invest in yourself by keep practicing to improve your creative writing as it is a learnable skill.

1. Must have a business card

2. Keep practicing

This idea is not new, but it is essential to pay more attention to improving your creative writing skills. It’s the only way to build a great freelance writing portfolio with an influx of good customer reviews.

  • Launching a blog is by far the most significant step to not improving your creative writing but also helping to generate extra income if you get used to blogging. After identifying your writing niche, you can start to write at least 1 or 2 posts a week as a hobby.
  • Guest post for free: considering taking a free guest post on reputable blogs or magazines would be a smart move to gain your personal image and reputation. Eventhough it is free, you will notice a significant change after successfully doing a free guest post.

3. Use LinkedIn to find freelance writing jobs

The LinkedIn job board is one of the great ways to spot freelance writing jobs online for beginners due to the fact that the platform will show different writing job opportunities based on your professional LinkedIn profile.

4. Join to Freelance writing community on Facebook

Did you know that Facebook is a goldmine resource for connecting with other freelance writers and finding online writing jobs by joining different freelance writing groups?

5. Consider joining a freelance writing group on Reddit

Reddit is another popular social media site that may help find freelance writing jobs for students and stay-at-home parents.

7. Stick with professional job sites

Besides Linkedin, you should always keep an eye on getting opportunities on professional job sites like Flexjobs and Glassdoor. Those sites are considered the best professional job sites for businesses and freelancers.

8. Find freelance writing opportunities on Freelancing sites

In case you only want to get a writing job as a side hustle to make extra cash on the weekend or a freelance writing gig for a short period of time. Then, you may consider getting freelancing on sites like Fiverr and Freelancer.com.


We just discussed the 8 best-proven ways that most freelancers use some of them in their job-hunting tactic to land their first freelance content writing jobs.



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